Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twenty Degrees and Sunny

Got the ghost face going on-the dead coat in the top pic. Maybe I'll be able to make some serious progress on this piece today. It's great to have many hours to work. When my husband is traveling without me, as he is for the next several days, I can work as long as I can sit in this chair.

It's very cold here but it's sunny and beautiful as I sit here working, looking out the window. It's not raining and the skies are blue. That makes it a good day.

I have a travel day coming up so am wanting to finish this portrait, if possible, and do the underpainting for several more paintings so I can haul them all back home to New Mexico where I'll finish everything I've started. (Would that this were really true with everything in my life.) Since I can't haul anything that's wet in my big canvas portfolio bag, I may end up taking 6 pieces that are in the beginning stages..thereby feeling I have nothing to show for my whole work week. But that's just me in my very "type A" brain.

I'm just going to keep updating the picture of recent progress on this double portrait as I take them, pulling off the last one, putting up the newest. It helps ME to see it third person, and it makes me feel like I'm getting something done. Click for detail.

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