Monday, December 7, 2009

Krissy, Sara, Jennifer and Oliver

Yes, we are in the creepy phase, wherein they look like zombies. Seriously, it's Monday. What more can you expect? Click to embiggin them.

Krissy: underpainting

Sara: underpainting
It begins. I'm going to be working back and forth between three portraits this week. I'll try to remember to label them with the subject's name so it'll be somewhat possible to keep track.

Jennifer and Oliver underpainting

I have been thwarted. I hate time. It never works in my favor. So now I have 3 paintings that need to DRY some so I can work on the next layer. What's a girl to do? Why, go to the art store of course, and buy 6 more canvases. Tone those with cream and then..what? Now THEY'RE wet. You'd think I'd know that would happen, but no. I just want to work, work, work. Why can't time speed up, wet things dry and the world move along like I want it to? Sigh.

I'm off to do the drawings for a few more portraits while I wait impatiently for today's work to dry. Again with the sigh.

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