Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ocean Shores

It's been a long weekend with too much to do and no time to paint. I'm not really sure I like the weekends. I much prefer sitting and painting all day and on the weekends I have to act like an actual human being and get out there and live life. I did go to my niece's Christmas parade on Saturday and watched her band play. That was fun. The rest of the weekend, eh.

Here are a few shots of Ocean Shores from a trip we took down or up there (I can never remember where it is) for an anniversary a few years ago.

Tomorrow, husband to airport, then several days of being able to paint morning to night, then me to airport to join him. It's been weeks since I've been home. When we get back to Albuquerque I'll be staying for 5 blissful weeks. Yes, it's chilly, but it's sunny and the skies are always blue. Cannot wait. Cannot. Plus, I'll get to work in my big studio, my huge studio. Just for me. I love to travel though, so I can't complain too much. I'd probably be supremely bored being in one place for too long.

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