Thursday, December 3, 2009

New work

Embedded in a sidewalk in Seattle, across the street from Green Lake.

It's been a long day and it's only 2 p.m. L-o-n-double g.

I'm working on a painting of a costa rican volcano..hold on and I'll take a pic with my iphone.
Odd, yes? I set this aside a week ago and am just getting back to it. The sky is all done. The problem with painting odd things in nature is that they don't look "real". Oh well, I'm committed to seeing it through. This volcano is in Costa Rica, it's called Mt. Arenal. You can barely see this, I know. I'm starting a new portrait and am going to try an old technique involving an underpainting of burnt umber and then a "dead layer" of a whitish blue which makes the skin all creamy and glowy if it works out. Keeping my fingers crossed for cream and glow.

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