Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Krissy" and Christmas cookies

Working on this 14x18" oil today. Here's a pic of the underpainting:
And now with the dead color, which I like to call the "ghost layer":

Initial skin tone layer:Now, have to go roll out Christmas cookies. Back later for more exciting flesh tones. I know, you can't wait.

Here's my New Mexico christmas cookies all rolled out. And yes, I used a chilli pepper cutter. Because, why wouldn't I?

The finished cookies taste very good...they're really light on flavor, I think, just some anise and cinnamon. But they look hideous so I'm not going to show you the finished product. My Mom says they look like roasted chilli peppers because of the messy brown cinnamon top coating.

Ok, later today, I've just started the first shading. I'm not feeling well though so I give up for today. I'll get back on that horse tomorrow after some needed rest.

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