Monday, November 16, 2009

Meditation Bench

I've finished my last little piece that I had under way. "Meditation Bench" 8x10" oil. Click on it to embiggen it if you want to see more detail. You'll see a lot of wet paint too if you do that.

On to finish that large work I have going on. Well, it's 16"x20"...pretty large compared to the little guys I've been finishing up lately.


  1. Only have a few moments to look around here before I need to jet off to the day job......oh, but what a colorful few minutes !! Those eggs in the nest are lovely. And your photos are really great!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the friend invite at Duke City Fix.......I almost never go there..............

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Paula. I put your blog page into my sidebar so I can easily pop over and watch you work!