Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adobe Walls

I love painting adobe walls. It gives me huge satisfaction. Since I'm deep in the art trenches today, painting...and making progress on all four paintings, I'll upload some pictures of some interesting New Mexico things.

Window at the church at Taos Pueblo. About 200 or so natives live here year round without running water or electricity. So, basically my dream place to live. I'm not kidding.
A home at Taos Pueblo. I'll have to scour my pictures for pictures of the pueblo. I store pictures on my computer by dumping them all into a file labeled "June-Dec 09, etc. So that by the end of the year I have several thousand photos all lumped together. It's hard to find anything. I keep saying that someday I'll organize them, but what usually happens is that my computer of the moment dies a sudden death and I lose all of my pictures. The end. Start over again.

This time, at least I've uploaded a lot of my favorites to Snapfish so that I can access them in case of dire happenings like crashing computers. I know that I need a backup thingy. Procrastination is not my friend but it is sometimes my companion.

In the meantime, click the link above to learn more about Taos Pueblo. We had to pay to get into the Pueblo and then pay an extra entry fee for my camera. Yes. My camera.

The above two photos are from a tumbling down adobe home that's located directly in back of Georgia O'Keeffe's Abiquiu home, the one in town. If you can call Bode's store, a mission church, a tiny library and a post office, "town". I'd live there in a heartbeat, but that's me. I'd live in a mud hut or a tent if I could get away with it.

So....I wonder what would happen if you picked up a lump of the crumbling adobe home above and carried it home with you and put it in your studio so that you could be constantly reminded of a place that you love so much? Hmm...I wonder. Who would ever do such a thing?

I love this old house so much that it took me almost a full year to realize that Georgia's house was right there behind me-behind an adobe wall. Because I am dense like this.

Here's the little mission church located in the same tiny dirt crossroads and directly beside Georgia's home.
And because I love odd angles, this is my favorite photo of the church.


  1. Katie, I like all the photos, the one especially of Abiquiu adobe buildings. Imagine the person trimming the vigas to fit into the building. How long ago did that work occur? And, what has become of the carpenter? What happened, what meals were served, behind those walls? Hope all is well with the artist that writes these posts.

  2. Did you carry away anything from your field trip? For you, it's okay, it's inspiration for your work. O'Keeffe would approve.

  3. I cannot tell a lie. If I keep my lips sealed.