Friday, November 6, 2009

Home To Ghost Ranch

"Home to Ghost Ranch" 16x20" oil on Masonite Board

I finally finished this incredibly challenging piece that took me at least 40 hours of solid concentration. I loved working on it and am pleased with how it turned out. If you're interested in this piece, you can find it at my Etsy Shop or my Gallery in a few months. Since this is an oil, it needs several months drying time. Click on the picture for a detailed view.


  1. Thank you turquoisemoon! I love your name. I wear turquoise almost exclusively. I've been married 28 years but can't bring myself to wear a wedding ring, though I'm quite happy! I finally found a cheap $8 turquoise ring at a shop at the top of Sandia Peak in Albuquerque and that is the ring I now wear, proudly. I guess diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend.

  2. I understand completely...I love turquoise! and that's all I wear. I've collected pieces for years. Bracelets are my weakness. My current favorite ring is angel turquoise from the Madrid area. Can't remember the artist's name, but he is Santo Domingo. BTW..your art is absolutely beautiful. You are so talented...