Thursday, November 19, 2009

Almost the end of the work week

Here we have a pyramid of little just-begun paintings. I like to shoot back and forth between little canvas and large canvas. I'm like a monkey. My mind gets bored so easily.

So here you can see what I'm working on at a slugs pace.

My husband never likes to look at what I'm painting until it's done because he can't understand what direction it will take, nor how it doesn't resemble what it looked like in the beginning...when it's done. That was an impossible sentence to write. I swear I can't think of how to say that. I think my mind is numb tonight.

This one? I learned how to put text on things. Wow. Maybe I'll leave it like this. If I was Andy Warhol, I might even be able to sell it like this. I'm waiting for the toning to dry a bit before I get into this one. It's going to have a massive white, fluffy cloud..a la New Mexico. People never believe there can be such bizarrely huge clouds anywhere, until they visit the Southwest. The first year we lived there I must have taken hundreds of pictures of just the clouds alone. They thrill me.

That rock? I think I've discussed my rock that I took from Georgia O'Keeffe's property. Ok, outside the fence, along the highway, but still, her property. But hey, people. It's a rock. And the coolest thing? Hold on, I'll take a picture with my iphone.
Ignore the piles of canvas there. A girl can never have too much canvas. See what the rock says--right there, embedded in the rock? I know you can see it. Don't play coy with me. It says "O" and "F" just as clear as day. Isn't that just something? Now I just have to find the rocks that say "K", "EE" another "F" and another "E". This rock is another of my muses. That, and it also holds up my canvases so they don't fall face-down onto the floor, making me cranky.

Saturday, we're going to a Pow-wow at the native school my sister teaches out. I'll be able to take some great pictures, I hope.

In the meantime, since all I gave you today was pretty much rocks and stuff, here are a couple of photos:

1 block away from our house, about 10 miles of open space desert. In the way background, that's the Santa Fe Mountains.
And just because it makes me happy, this is the view outside of my Mother's girlhood home in Dora, New Mexico. It's never changed, never grown in fact there's almost no commerce left there but for farming. I love this view of fields sweeping out endlessly into the blue of the sky. It's so quiet and big.


  1. I like all your photos. The landscape at Dora is just fascinating. Great picture. Your painting is going quite well it seems. The rock from O'Keeffe's is outstanding.

  2. I see you changed your opening photograph to your blog. Where and when was it taken?

  3. Hi! This photo was taken just off the shores of Costa Rica.