Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Colors

"Fall Colors"

8x10" watercolor on cold press paper. You can purchase this work on my Etsy Shop site or at my Gallery.

It's just freezing today. Freezing. The only time I seem to be able to get warm is when I get in the car and go for a drive with the heater on full-blast. You know how, once you get really're not undoing that easily!

It's Halloween tomorrow so I absolutely have to post this picture of my youngest sister who is a school teacher for middle/high school kids. She's a Math teacher. She's one of those crazy teachers who you wish you had in school.

Today, she went to school like this: "Death Easter Bunny". In her basket, she has boiled eggs that she dyed grey and then painted with skull and crossbones.

Her students were all agog over her costume today, I'm sure she won a lot of points. She came over to show me her costume after work and I found it almost impossible to have a real conversation with her. She told me that at school today, when she was talking firmly to a kid, they'd be just staring at her, trying to keep from laughing, I imagine.

It's Friday. Done for the week. Going to go see my sister in her first concert in a local band, then Saturday, will go to a casino/hotel to spend the night and see my husband's old boyhood friend do his hypnotist act. I'm not a big fan of the hypnotism thing, but I am a big fan of going out with my husband. He's promise me dinner and wine and I'm not going to turn that down!

I hate it that I don't have enough time to work as much as I'd like. Sure, I work all day long, but what I want to do is to work 7 days a week, 20 hours a day. I resent sleep and relaxation so much sometimes. I still have 3 unfinished watercolors and a large oil painting that's only about 1/8 of the way done. I have 12 small canvases all gesso'd up (sizes 4x4" up to 8x10") and ready to work on some landscapes next week, or the next.

My mind sees no need to take a few days off, but I know logically that it's the only thing to do. Mondays, I come back fresh, ready to take on the things that have been challenging. Oh well, I paint in my dreams all night long....maybe that will do until Monday.

Have a great, fun weekend.

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