Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's a terrible shot of a wonderful New Mexico favorite candy... a Peanut Patty! I'm sitting here eating this one, as I write. Let's call it "artistic inspiration". That sounds good.

This patty was made in Clovis, New Mexico, right near the small town of Dora, where my Mother great up and went to high school. My Mom makes a mean peanut patty...better than these, and these are good.

One of my favorite stories about Mom is when all of us kids were in our teens and she made a big batch of Peanut Patties one evening. She went to bed and the next day, woke up to find them ALL gone. She was so mad! Then she realized how much her stomach hurt.....and it slowly dawned on her that she'd gotten up during the night and without even being aware of it, ate the whole platter of candy. Good times. We still laugh about that.

In any case, I have nothing much to say about art today, except for this:
It annoys me that I just bought 2 kinds of turpentine-less turpentine and I now find I can't fly with it. Argh. It's tough living between three states. I have to have 3 sets of clothes in 3 different states, and lug my art supplies all over the country. So now it turns out that I need 3 terpenoids in three different states. I cannot wait until my husband finally retires.
I guess I do have one more item. My Gallery, Boundless Gallery has at last released a wonderful application so that I can feature my work on my Facebook account as well. Love that!

Have to go serve my husband some vanilla ice cream with homemade jalapeno jelly on top--which I made with my very own hands. This is the first jelly I've made without my Mom standing behind me guiding me every step of the way. I feel so grown-up at 50, to have made my first Jam. The fact that it's amazingly good makes it all the more exciting.

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