Friday, February 19, 2010

New work

I'm heading back to Seattle in a few days to meet up with my husband who I haven't seen for 2 months because he's been traveling for his job. We'll be traveling together for the next 7 weeks so we'll be hitting the airports to:

Mexico (PV)
Back to Seattle
Then back to Albuquerque in May.

Lots of traveling to do.

I have approximately 16 oil pieces that are dry now, that will be posted for sale with my online gallery and on my Etsy shop sometime around the first of March. After that, my art will be taking a different direction.

I'm shifting, branching out into more modern art pieces. I'm not happy with the place I am right now, my work is not fulfilling me in the way I want it to and I've been increasingly frustrated. Coupled with that, is the knowledge that a lot of people who like my work now will perhaps hate what I do from now on. I had someone tell me of an artist who's work is just "an embarrassment to her and she doesn't even know it". Which reeks. So, if my work will be an embarrassment to me, I welcome it and I welcome the change. So be it.

If you have liked any of my pieces in the past, please email me. At some point this spring, I believe that I will auction off several pieces with the price of each piece just being, what we can agree on. Don't be afraid to offer me any price, I'll consider it especially if you're willing to pay the shipping cost. If there's been something you loved, do let me know because I really hate it when I sell a piece and ten people say they're so upset that they didn't get it first.

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