Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Portrait work

Fixed the mouth but hmmm....too pink? Too "lipsticky"? Have to sit with it for awhile and see.

I have a lot of work to do still on Charlie. I've sketched in his facial hair so I can get a good feel for where it lies. The mouth is still in the underpainting stage so lots to do there plus the shape is all wrong. Making headway however.


Continuing. I got sidetracked for several hours this morning helping our youngest get all his ducks in a row to enter UNM in a few weeks, plus, having to help him obtain health insurance now that he's 25 and is off ours. Not a fun morning but it's almost done. So, back to work.

I'm slowly moving along on "Aubrey" and "Charlie". I'm finding that I AM enjoying the new color palette I'm trying out, though I'm now doing a mix of my old and new. I never mentioned what the new palette is, did I? Flake white, naples yellow and Vermillion Extra (at $35 a tube!), adding ivory black to deepen the skin tone then working with about 6 varying tones of this. In addition, I'm keeping my old palette mix of: burnt umber/burnt sienna/green/red for shadows and details, then greens and lavenders for added spots of color. Why isn't lavender spelled "lavendar?" That makes more sense to my fingers.

Anyway, as usual, click to embiggen the pics for detail. Got to get back to work.

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