Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Starting to get all blendy now, adding more colors for depth and highlights. I've been up since 4:30 working this morning; worked till 11:00 last night then jumped out of bed this morning. I'm bound and determined to see what I can do with this piece today. I'm having a ball doing it.

I've set myself up for an interesting bit of work at this point, sort of like painting yourself into the corner of a room. Since I wasn't at all convinced that I could properly complete the portrait part of this picture, I decided to start on the face first, going against everything that I normally do. So now, once I've completed the figure, I'm going to have to work past it and do the background without touching the face. As I am wont to lean in too much and don't use a maul (yet), it's going to be tricky work. But I'm all about a challenge, so bring it on. Well, within reason.

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