Monday, December 28, 2009

Jake, Aubrey and Zen Garden

Underpainting sketch for "Jake" 14x16" oil

Underpainting sketch for "Aubrey" 14x18" oil

Apparently I am incapable of taking time off. I'm going to work on the underpaintings for the 5 portraits I have sketched out, over the next week as I find the time. I can work in the burnt umber and let it dry but once I start a face, I pretty much have to work on it until it's completed or it dries up and I can't fuss with the oil paint the way I'd like. So, for now, as I have time, I'll be working on the underpainting sketches for several portraits. I'm officially on vacation until Monday next, so I imagine I won't show lots of progress over the next week.

Click on the pics to embiggen them. As always, I have to caution, please don't be freaked out by the sketch or the beginning of the piece...they usually look pretty looney when I'm just beginning.

I'm also working on this landscape of the Zen Garden at Ghost Ranch. I love portraits but need to keep working in landscapes too or I miss them. I'm nothing if not all over the place.

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