Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little better shot

Here's a much-less-scary picture of the little piece I finished yesterday. I really don't think it's attractive to show close-up blobs of wet paint. So, this is a better shot.

I'm visiting my Mother at the moment. My husband is working in the Seattle area and here I sit in my little studio that my Mom so graciously lets me have all to myself. As you can see from the oh-so-tidy picture below, I am ready to spend the day painting. I have my cup of coffee and my iced tea. Because you have to have both.

This is the piece I'm working on today. So far, I'm loving it. It's the piece I mentioned yesterday-the one in which I'm working from an art student's photo. I'm pretty sure that was a horrible sentence structure just now.Note the pine cone on my large easel. That's the one I took from the bottom of the tree outside of Taos. The Lawrence Tree that Georgia O'Keeffe painted from the bottom up. You might also notice that I keep a framed postcard of Georgia on my painting table in amongst my junk. And that I drink from a Ghost Ranch cup, one of several that I have scattered around the country. If anyone touches one, they die.

What? You think I'm obsessed with Georgia O'Keeffe and Ghost Ranch? To that, I say...Duh.
They are, collectively, my muse. Muses. Musi.

The sun is shining and I must get to the painting. These puppies won't paint themselves.

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