Monday, November 16, 2009

Good morning, Monday. I thought I'd upload a couple of photos that I dinked with last year on, until I can get back on and post some finished work. Today, I'll finish one, maybe a second, and then on to try and work out the problems on the larger piece I'm working on. After that? I'll have exactly no paintings in process, but 10 all drawn out of freshly gesso'd canvas.

That's the tricky part for me. Being in that place where there are NO works in progress. Yes, it's just for an hour, but it's weird. It means no finished works for a week or two.

I admit, I like the end of the journey-and the finished product, so that I can see if what I was attempting worked out, also, to see what I learned from each piece, good or bad. Being at the beginning of 3 or four fresh pieces is akin to facing a blank page for an author. But then there's the excitement to that too, no?

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