Saturday, October 24, 2009

Old Doors

I love old New Mexico doors. You can find them for sale in Taos, Santa Fe, just leaning up against the outside walls of any number of businesses. They're so beautiful and can be hugely pricey. But oh, I'd love one in my house one day. I saw this pic in my files and wanted to post it.

I have four watercolor paintings in progress at the same time but am stuck in a limbo of doing necessary chores and jobs for a few days so I don't expect to be done with them until some times next week.

It's just beautiful here in Albuquerque this month. This morning we were headed down Paseo Del Norte and we saw 7 hot air balloons in the desert to the left of our neighborhood, then this one, right above us as we headed down the hill. It's not a great pic because I took it with my iphone through the window. The occupants of the balloon were waving at us and we at them as I snapped this.

This is not my pic...I took it off the internet. This is the beautiful Rio Grande here in Albuquerque. I never can get a good picture as we cross the bridge, so I am content to lift one off the net. The trees are just so pretty right now, rich yellows and oranges against the clear blue of the sky. Just lovely.

And just for fun, I'll post a few more of my pictures of Northern New Mexico, the most beautiful place ever.
"Box Canyon"

:edernal Mountain in the middle of a heavy rainstorm.
Ghost Ranch CenterLabryinth at Ghost Ranch


  1. I can see why Ghost Ranch wanted a copy of the "Box Canyon." Excellent shot!

  2. Thanks Jack! Actually they wanted a pic of the painting I did of Box Canyon. Which is even nicer :-)