Monday, June 22, 2009

I finished this 8x10" charcoal. It would look more "finished" in a mat, but I don't have one at the moment. I like it.

I've started a large watercolor that should prove to be fun...the theme is: "Day of the Dead". I love the skeletons, dressed to the nines-part of the November day of remembering those who've past on..big in Mexico, New Mexico, and really, in a LOT of areas. This should be fun. Bright colors, humor. Gotta love that.

I'm packing up our place here in Seattle to go back to Albuquerque. We've been in Seattle for too long now. Time to go home. I'm lucky because I'll get to do some traveling with my husband as he goes between Seattle, Michigan and Albuquerque for work in the upcoming months and years. We have great friends in lots of places.

I'm looking forward to camping out in fancy hotel rooms and painting all day long while he's off working. Lots of focused creative time.

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